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Thanks for your interest in Measure P and/or the Fresno for Parks coalition! We're a diverse group of Fresnans who advocate for clean, safe neighborhood parks, trails, and arts opportunities in the City of Fresno. Thanks to you, the City of Fresno has started collecting Measure P funds to help revitalize our parks, trails, and arts - but our work isn't done! As the City and the 'Parks, Recreation, Arts, & Culture' (PRAC) Commission make decisions related to Measure P, we need you to stay engaged and help ensure our Measure P tax dollars are spent as voters intended.


Here are four ways you can get involved...

1. Subscribe to our Newsletter - Receive updates on Measure P news and and information by filling out the form below.


2. Watch the Commission Meetings - One of the best ways to stay informed with Measure P is to watch the 'Parks, Recreation, Arts, and Culture' (PRAC) Commission meetings. Click here to access all upcoming City of Fresno meetings, including agenda information and commenting/speaking opportunities.


3. Contact Your Representatives - Reach out to our City Mayor and/or your City Council representative(s) directly and urge them to implement Measure P as intended.


4. Submit a Project Idea - Do you have a Measure P project idea? The City of Fresno and the Parks, Recreation, Arts, and Culture (PRAC) Commission recommends taking part in the meetings where public input is heard and community members can speak about project ideas . Click here to learn more.

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