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Measure P - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Measure P?

Measure P will provide desperately needed, locally-controlled funding for cleaner, safer neighborhood parks in the City of Fresno. The measure includes detailed plans to fix and maintain our city’s parks, trails, and facilities, funding for recreational programs and arts programs, and strict accountability and oversight.

What will Measure P fund?

Measure P helps ensure all neighborhoods have updated, usable parks by funding improvements to our parks and facilities, creating new parks and trails, and funding recreation, community and arts programs. Measure P makes the following possible:

  • Reducing crime, graffiti and homelessness in parks
  • Maintaining, repairing and improving existing parks, trails and facilities
  • Updating and maintaining park restrooms
  • Bringing parks and recreation centers up to current health and safety standards
  • Creating new parks and trails where they are needed most
  • Providing job training for at-risk youth and veterans
  • Supporting after school, youth, and senior recreational programs
  • Improving accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Providing community safety personnel and park rangers to support safe parks
  • Supporting arts programming and education
  • Updating and maintaining playground and sports facilities
  • Landscaping and removing weeds and litter along local roads and freeways

Why do we need Measure P?

Fresno’s parks are run-down, deteriorating and unsafe due to a lack of investment. While parks in parts of Fresno are in good condition, parks in many neighborhoods are too old and worn down to use. Parks are key to maintaining healthy communities and improving property values, and Measure P will help ensure all residents have safe places to get out of the house to play or exercise. A recent study found Fresno ranked 94 out of the top 100 cities nationwide for park access, acreage and investment – and was the worst in the country from 2013-2015.

How will Measure P benefit me?

Investing in our local parks helps keep our city a desirable place to live, work and raise a family. Quality parks are proven to increase property values and reduce crime, and Measure P will also help improve the local economy and create local jobs.

How does Measure P impact public safety?

Measure P makes safety improvements at all city parks by replacing broken down playgrounds and equipment, adding safety lighting, funding more park staff to provide community services and “eyes in the park” to deter crime and graffiti, and to help connect homeless people to services. Measure P also funds youth and afterschool programs that help keep kids safe, busy, and out of trouble.

When did Measure P pass?

On November 6, 2018, the majority (52%) of voters in the City of Fresno voted YES on Measure P. At the time of the election, the City did not adopt Measure P, claiming that it needed a supermajority (2/3 - 66.67%) vote in order to be approved. A lawsuit was filed by Fresno Building Healthy Communities against the City of Fresno for this assessment, and in December 2020, the Fifth District Court of Appeal ruled that Measure P only required approval from a simple majority (50% + 1) to pass.

Why did Measure P pass with a simple majority?

Measure P was a citizen-led initiative brought on the ballot by a heroic signature collecting effort by the people of Fresno, not levied by politicians. Nearly 35,000 Fresnans signed the petition to place Measure P on the ballot, and the majority of voters made their choice clear on election day. As confirmed by the court system, the ⅔ threshold that was thought needed for the measure to pass only applies to special taxes brought on the ballot by a government entity or politicians. Because Measure P was a grassroots initiative of the people, a simple majority was required. Simply put, majority rules!

How is Measure P funded?

Measure P provides a guaranteed, local funding source for Fresno’s parks through a 3/8-cent sales tax in the City of Fresno. That’s an average of $39 per household each year (or just $3.25 each month), while items like groceries and medicine remain exempt from sales taxes. This funding source also ensures visitors and non-Fresno residents pay their fair share. Fresno’s new sales tax rate (8.35%) remains lower than that of 9 of the 14 other cities in Fresno County. Measure P will raise an estimated $37.5 million per year and requires voter approval for renewal after 30 years.

Will all Measure P funds stay local?

Yes! Funds raised by Measure P are guaranteed to stay local and can’t be taken by the state, federal government, or politicians for other projects. On the contrary, Measure P is expected to help bring new dollars into Fresno.

Can Measure P funds be taken or used for other purposes in Fresno?

No! Measure P guarantees that revenue can ONLY be spent on what is specified in the measure, and includes strict accountability measures and citizen oversight. There are clear guidelines written into the measure on how the funding can be spent, and it cannot be taken by the state or corrupt politicians.

Who decides how Measure P dollars will be spent?

The oversight will guarantee the funding raised through Measure P will only be spent on the intended purposes by creating the Parks, Recreation, and Arts Commission. The Commission’s role is to ensure the funds are spent properly and effectively. There will be nine members of the Commission, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, under the rules of the current City Charter, similar to the Planning Commission. The Commission will be responsible for issuing an annual report on expenditures, tracking progress on outcomes over time, holding public hearings on proposed expenditures and budgets, and making recommendations to the City Council for funding. Funds cannot be taken by the state or repurposed for other uses. Click here to nominate a Commission member.

When will the City of Fresno start collecting Measure P funds?

This has not yet been confirmed. We will update this page as implementation timelines are established.

What if I have more questions?

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