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Parks, Recreation, & Arts

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Today the City of Fresno established the new Parks, Recreation & Arts Commission, tasked with providing transparency and accountability to voters by ensuring proper budgeting of Measure P expenditures. The Commissioners appointed by Mayor Jerry Dyer and confirmed by the City Council are as follows:

  • Kimberly McCoy (District 1)

  • Scott Miller (District 1)

  • Harman Singh (District 2)

  • Jon Dohlin (District 3)

  • Maiyer Vang (District 4)

  • Jose Leon Barraza (District 5)

  • Mona Cummings (District 6)

  • Sarah Parkes (District 6)

  • Dr. Francine Oputa (District 7)


We congratulate each of the nine members, many who we know from our coalition work and as supporters of our 'Yes on P' campaign. We received more than 100 Commission nominations through our website, demonstrating the eagerness to ensure a successful implementation of Measure P, and forwarded all nominations to City officials in February.


This is a momentous day for our Fresno for Parks coalition, a diverse and bipartisan group of volunteers, community organizers, and non-profits who have worked for years to advocate for better parks, trails and arts here in our city. With equity at our core, our primary goal has always been to help ensure ALL Fresnans have access to these amenities and opportunities, particularly in neighborhoods where there is great need. As we pass the baton and move from 'Yes on P' advocacy at the grassroots level, to Measure P implementation at the City level, it is our hope that this Commission continues to embody the spirit of our coalition. These nine members have an important job ahead of them, and we urge each one to hold the City accountable to the equity and diversity we intentionally built into the language of Measure P.


Thanks to everyone who submitted a nomination. Please continue to stay engaged, and we will continue to provide updates as the City begins its community outreach and implementation process.


A greener, cleaner Fresno is on its way, thanks to people like you!

- Fresno for Parks  |  The Measure P Team

Download the City of Fresno report from 4/22/21 with background information on the Commission and short bios on each Commissioner.

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